About us

Collecting art can only be fulfilling if you are working with experts who can help fulfill your specific taste. Artist Popular was designed to help every art lover discover suitable pieces for their homes. We are an online portal that displays unique pieces of art perfect for both experienced collectors and first-time buyers.

Working with us guarantees excellent services since we provide our clients with personal art advisors to help them find the precise pieces they are searching for. We don’t charge you extra for personalized services. You can quickly discover original artwork by different artists by browsing through our site. Each of the artists that we market is based on the quality of their art and creative potential. We visit various artists around the country and try as much as possible to help them promote their work. Since we aim to change the art world, we not only work with famous artists but also upcoming ones.

Artist Popular keeps on updating its collection from time to time and inform customers regarding any new arrivals. Apart from individuals, we also help companies find art pieces that can inspire their clients. Most of our clients also love the affordable prices of our art pieces. We aim at accommodating even art collectors on a budget. You also get the option of buying different pieces through monthly installments. This has made it possible for many clients to enjoy paying for art pieces at their own pace.

We also deliver your paintings ready to hang and framed. Choosing us can help you enjoy after-sale services. In addition, our clients get the chance to connect with other collectors through the offline events that we organize from time to time. Start building a collection of art that you will admire for a lifetime by choosing to work with us.